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Stripe Lands-In Minecraft Pocket Edition, The Stripe Lands also generate as a part of the Far Lands. They are a graphical bug that depicts a one visible, one invisible Block pattern. The Stripe Lands starts at X/Z 16,777,216, only generating Water, Bedrock, Ice, and Grass in the Flat World in them and look something like this.


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Jan 24, 2014 · Some speculate that the Far Lands were removed from the game and replaced with vast oceans in Beta 1.8, but Mac continues to walk, documenting his journey on the YouTube channel "Far Lands or Bust Kurt J Mac has been walking towards the fabled Far Lands since 2011, a quest that has seen him achieve the record for the longest journey in Minecraft. By April 2015, the 33-year-old from from Phoenix, Arizona had walked a staggering 2,097,152 blocks - the equivalent of 2,097.15 km. Jun 07, 2020 · A much loved series, and an epic journey to gamings' deep space, the minecraft farlands! Kurt's sometimes snarky and comical commentary on everyday life, along with latest space and minecraft news make for an entertaining half an hour listen. If your new to this whole Far Lands or Bust thing, then give it a go. Far Lands or Bust (abbreviated FLoB) is an online video series created by Kurt J. Mac in which he plays the video game Minecraft.The series depicts his journey to the "Far Lands", a distant area of a Minecraft world in which the terrain generation does not function correctly, creating a warped landscape. Minecraft is full of mysteries and legends and one of those myths is the mc Far Lands. The Far Lands are a generated terrain found only in the older versions of Minecraft.

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Online video by Antvenom: Minecraft: The Far Lands! (End of the World Pt. 1) • Minecraft Videos. Published: Tuesday, December 30, 2014 11:40 AM Channel: Antvenom.

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Reasons Based on Far Lands' article on Minecraft Wiki, it was said that the reason why it generates because when it reaches X/Z approximately 12,550,824 octaves of the Perlin noise overflows and WILL always use 2^31^-1, using that same noise and then generate that same terrain on it, resulting in a Far Lands.

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